• 5/2021 “Ethno-Religious Neighborhood Infrastructures and the Wellbeing of Refugees and Other Immigrant-Origin Residents”, IAB-ECSR Interdisciplinary Workshop: Refugee Migration and Integration Revisited.
  • 5/2021 “Beyond the enclave? Ethnic infrastructures, far-right mobilization and the life satisfaction of immigrants and their descendants in Germany”, Departmental Seminar Series, WIM Working Group, University of Copenhagen.
  • 2/2021 “Consequences of Qualification Mismatches. Results from a Bounding Approach”, Social Mobility Effects Workshop, University of Oslo, Norway.
  • 2/2021 “Ethno-Religious Minority Infrastructures in Germany—What can we learn from their spatial distribution?”, Workshop: Spatial Analysis of Social, Environmental, and Health inequalities, WZB Berlin Social Science Research Center, Berlin.
  • 2/2021 “Beyond the enclave? Far-right mobilization, ethnic infrastructure and the well-being of immigrants and their descendants”, WZB Talk, WZB Berlin Social Science Research Center, Berlin.,
  • 9/2019 “Educational Expansion and qualification-job mismatches. Great Britain and Germany between the 1980s and the 2010s”, European Consortium for Sociological Research Annual Conference, UNIL-Université de Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • 5/2019 „Occupational change, educational expansion and qualification-mismatches:Great Britain and Germany between the 1980s and the 2010s“, PhD Workshop„Varieties of Welfare Capitalism in Times of Socio-Economic Insecurity“, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin.
  • 4/2019 „Occupational change, qualification-mismatches and the limits of institutional equilibria“, ISA RC28 Spring Meeting, Goethe Universität Frankfurt.
  • 10/2018 „Making it against the odds: How personality and social origin trump education in undereducation careers“, European Consortium for Sociological Research Annual Conference, Sciences Po Paris, France.
  • 09/2018 „Karrierepfade in die Unterqualifikation“, Konferenz der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie, Universität Göttingen. Ad-hoc Gruppe „Soziologie des ungeöhnlichen Erfolgs“, Organized by J. Wiedner und M. Schaeffer
  • 06/2018 „Wissenschaftliche Perspektiven auf die Arbeitsmarktintegration von Geflüchteten“, Dauerhafter Schutz nur bei Verwertbarkeit?, Göttingen. Workshop des Flüchtlingsrats Niedersachsen e.V.
  • 05/2018 „Career Trajectories Into Undereducation. Which Skills and Resources Allow Individuals to Seek Careers in Occupations Where Their Colleagues are
  • Significantly Better Educated?“, ISA RC28 Spring Meeting, Yonsei University Seoul, South Korea.
  • 04/2018 „Immigrants’ assimilation in changing labor markets“, Konferenz zu Demographics,Immigration and the Labor Market, Nürnberg. DFG Schwerpunktprogramm „The German Labor Market in a Globalized World“ (SPP 1764), ZEW Mannheim and IAB Nürnberg
  • 11/2017 „Die Arbeitsmarktintegration Geflüchteter“, Arbeitsmarkt – Hochschulbildung – Zivilgesellschaft: Integration in wissenschaftlicher Perspektive, Berlin, Germany. Workshop of the Institut für Migrationsforschung und Interkulturelle Studien (IMIS), Universität Osnabrück, and the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC)
  • 04/2017 „The Dynamics of Immigrant-Native Labor Market Differentials in West Germany“, ISA RC28 Spring Meeting, Universität zu Köln.
  • 07/2015 „Immigrants’ Economic Integration in a Changing Society. Decomposing German Trends in Immigrant-Native Income Differentials, 1976-2009“, ECE Summer School, BIGSSS, Bremen.
  • 03/2014 „Immigrants’ Integration in a Changing Economy. Social Status among Native-Born and ImmigrantWorkers in Germany“, Immigration Working Group Conference, CUNY Graduate Center, New York City, USA.

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